15 Ideas From Jeff Bezos

Our Jeff Bezos show is one of our most popular shows. A big thanks to Andrew A for his feedback.

The show covered some essential innovation themes:

  1. Needle Movers // The Big 3: Selection, Price, and Speed 
  2. Vision // Defy Conventional Wisdom
  3. Leveraging Infrastructure // Building Space Capabilities
  4. Culture // Meaning Clip

Given Jeff is easily on the greatest living innovators, we decided to share all the clips of Jeff we made for the show.

Some these you'll have heard Chad and I discuss on the show. Some these will be new for you, so there's lot's of innovation ideas in the following 15 Jeff Bezos clips;


The four Biggest Ideas from the first four podcasts


We're four episodes into the Moonshots Podcast. And, yes, it's been an adventure in innovation. Chad and I have been surprised at how much there is to learn from today's leading innovators and their companies.

Elon Musk - Episode 1

Autonomous Vehicles are closer than you think

Travis Kalanick - Episode 2

Making time for your customers is better than stealing it.

Jeff Bezos - Episode 3

Forget work-life balance. You need work-life harmony.

Fred Smith - Episode 4

To make it at the top you need to be a life long learner.

We're learning a spectrum of approaches to innovation. From the way you think about an idea to the life long habits, you can start today.

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