Eric Ries 42

Eric Ries is disrupting the world of entrepreneurship. His book 'Lean Startup' has become a movement and a community for big and small business people alike.

He's the father of the MVP idea and tools like the Lean Canvas. So embark on a journey to discover the essential ideas behind the worlds leading product development methodology. 


  • The Source Of Inspiration For Eric - The 40M worth Of Shadow Beliefs


  • Start With Test And Learn

  • How To Know If People Want A Product

Chad Book Review

Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Startup Way by Eric Ries


  • Measuring Your way To Success Or Failure

  • Building the Minimum Viable Product

  • Lean Startup Lessons Test Before you Build

  • Lean Startups MVPs and the Importance of Learning


  • Eric Ries explains The Pivot

  • Pivot or Persevere

  • Solving Problems With The 5 Whys