steve jobs ParT II 36

Join us for the second part of a journey into the greatest innovator of our time - Steve Jobs. Steve saw the world in a unique way that has some much relevance to today's innovators.

Get ready to settle in for some deep learning from the Steve. The show will cover the early days, the ups and downs of Apple and the earth-shattering creation of the iMac, iPod, iPhone. This show is unmissable.



  • Intro 2 - Complete Life Timeline



  • Courage & Betting On The Future

  • Deep Thinking And Asking Why

  • Focus Comes From Saying No - Setting Priorities

  • Steve’s Advice For Mike Parker Nike CEO

  • We Don’t Ship Junk - We Have Standards

— Mike recaps and teases what’s next.



  • Curiosity Calligraphy 10-Years Later Dots Connect

  • Larry Ellison - Perfection And Perspiration

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

  • Getting Fired Was Best Thing Possible -Don't Settle

— Show notes, feedback, tease next show...