steve wozniak 34

The Moonshots Podcast continues our spotlight on Apple Inc. We go back to the early days with original maker-man - Steve Wozniak.

Dive into the early days of Apple, the days of the garage. You'll also be wowed by some the stories by Woz and his enormous respect for Steve Jobs. 

A-BLOCK - Entrepreneurship

  1. INTRO - THE WOZ in his own words
  2. How Woz discovered his passion
  3. It starts with a dream - not a business
  4. Build for yourself first
  5. A Vision of Entrepreneurship that starts with doing

B-BLOCK - Invention and Tech

  1. The night that changed it all...and Apple was born
  2. Thinking different to invent the color PC
  3. Why Woz is so excited about voice interface
  4. OUTRO - Woz knows what he wants to be