Essential Lessons 16

Broadcast date: December 28 , 2017

The Moonshots Podcast studies this year's essential lessons from the show. From life-long learning to being relentless and fearless. It's all there to help us become better entrepreneurs and innovators.


Episode 15 - Chris Sacca - Obsess on end users
Episode 03 - Jeff Bezos - The Flywheel effect.
Episode 12 - Richard Branson - Turn Frustrations into Businesses
Episode 08 - Ed Catmull - Brainstrust & Candor
Episode 02 - Travis Kalanick - We’re not selling your time, we’re giving it back.


Episode 14 - Maarten van Montfoort - Stick to the Plan
Episode 11 - Bill Gates - You get what you measure.
Episode 06 - Jack Ma - The bigger the social problem you solve, the more successful you will be.
Episode 01 - Elon Musk -  Branching Probability

Chad’s favourite book

Everything Store by Brad Stone


Episode 13 - Jack Dorsey - When I believe in something i fight like hell for it
Episode 10 - Tim O'Reilly - Work On Stuff That Matters
Episode 09 - Lady Gaga - Be relentless and fearless
Episode 07 - Bill Belichick - Every battle is won before it is fought. It’s all about preparation.
Episode 05 - Oprah Winfrey - When you align your personality with your purpose nobody can touch you!


Episode 04 - Fred Smith - if you want to play at high level you have to absorb the lessons of history

Thanks to all our listeners for a great 2017.

We'll be back with plenty more in 2018.