The Apple Podcast Series is Coming

Good things come to those who wait. It's taken us a year, including 30+ shows and 11k+ listens, to finally do a show on Steve Jobs.

We got so excited about innovation at Apple we've made an entire series focussing on several executives from the company. As a teaser try our Jonathan Ive show that we recorded as part of our recent designer series.

Apple matters in the world of business and tech. Even more so in the world of design, creativity and innovation. Moreover, their hard work has paid off. A market capitalisation of over $900 billion makes Apple the largest company in the world.

4 Reasons Apple is the most innovative company on the planet. Moreover, why you should listen to our forthcoming Apple series. 

1. Apple Defines Popular Culture

Perhaps only Nike is the only other brand to have influenced popular culture so much. The 1984 Superbowl ad is consider the best commercial ever, and Think Different one the best brand positions of our time.

2. The iPhone is the most significant innovation of our generation. 

Not since the microprocessor and the Internet has one single invention impacted our lives so much. The iPhone was the first successful smartphone, and it went on to transform our personal and professional lives. As a result of this beautiful multitouch experience, iPhones became indispensable in the way we work. The app store, when added to the heart of the iPhone, became one the most significant businesses on the planet.

3. Apple design combines art and science

Steve Jobs sourced his greatest inspiration from Bob Dylan and the Beatles. This different worldview for a tech CEO helped Jobs stand alone with his new ideas for technology. From the classic Macintosh to the iPhone Apple, Apple has brought soul to the beige plastic world of computing.

4. Apple Makes Major Engineering Breakthroughs

Apple may be the best known for design, but don't underestimate the scale of their engineering breakthroughs. Firstly, under Steve Wozniak, the company introduced the graphical interface with the Macintosh computer. Something we all took for granted now but was a revolution in its day. Other groundbreaking inventions include the introduction of the multitouch display with the iPhone and Mac OSX - a more stable and secure operating system than its longstanding rival - Microsoft Windows.

Over the next few weeks, here is the Apple Series we'll be launching on the Moonshots Podcast.

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