New Episode: Melanie Perkins

We have a unique Australian-themed episode. We're diving into the Aussie unicorn startup Canva. So throw a shrimp on the barby, grab a cuppa and listen to the wise words on your lappy.

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On this episode, we're joined by Brendan Yell, Director, Community Development, APAC at SendGrid. Together with Chad and Mike, this show is a serious deconstruction of what makes startups work.

You'll discover it is all about bootstrapping, product market fit and high expectations of talent.

Fusion Book Bootstrap Story
Solve a Problem
Getting to Product Market Fit

The New Hustle documentary on YouTube
Aussie profile of Canva, VinoMofo, & SafetyCulture

Mike: Recap what we’ve covered so far in the story.
Finding Talent
Rejection is a Step Towards Success
From Nietzsche to Silicon Valley
Guy Kawasaki Democratising Design
One Last Thing...Powerpoint is dead