New Episode: Sebastian Burduja

The Moonshots Podcast celebrates our live Bucharest show with Sebastian Burduja. A globe trotting entrepreneur, Sebastian shares thoughts on how to realize your dreams.

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For 12 years, Sebastian lived the American experience at full scale. He earned his degree in political sciences from Stanford and a dual MBA from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

By 2016, when he returned to Romania, Sebastian had already acquired extensive experience with highly respected organisations such as the World Bank, the UN, McKinsey & Company, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington D.C. and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

He has some outstanding thoughts on how we can realize our potential.

"Do it! Just do it! No, seriously, I mean if you don’t try, you’re not gonna succeed. And I’ve seen this time and again, people with very bright minds, with very bright ideas, that just don’t have the courage to put them into practice. And you see it every day. I would advise them that no matter what they do with their lives, they should not check out. The biggest problem in the world, certainly in Romania, I think Europe, certainly in the States, probably globally, is just people checking out of societies."