New Episode: Joe Gebbia, Co-founder Airbnb

Chad and I had a blast doing our homework on Joe Gebbia from Airbnb. For anyone looking to build a great product or find the right co-founders, then Joe is someone that you should discover.

He's a smart designer and a great team player. We discovered that he and Brian joined together before they even knew what company they were going to build.

He's concerned many design challenges. Primarily he's lead the company's efforts to build the ultimate trust-based product.

Here's a link to the episode and below are clips and talking points.


  • Design Thinking
  • Airbnb Origin Story
  • Founders As Friends


  • Design as a Differentiator
  • Get Close to Customers
  • The Value of Tactile Insights


  • Sync Or Swim
  • No is an Invitation to Keep Going
  • Funny Review