Screw it! Just do it!


New Episode: Sir Richard Branson

The Moonshots Podcast decodes a decodes serial entrepreneur and thrill seeker - Sir Richard Branson. Enjoy everything Branson has to teach - from his enormous courage to his ability to be a life-long learner.

We cover a lot of ground and there's lot's of goodies for you.

  • Lesson: Screw It Just Do It 
  • Story: Creation of Virgin Atlantic
  • Lesson: Turn Frustrations into Businesses
  • Lesson: Don't accept the Status Quo
  • Lesson: Protecting the Downside
  • Story: Practical Learning
  • Lesson: Business is People
  • Lesson: Be an Expert at your Passions
  • Lesson: Treat People Well

Chad's book recomendaiton

Finding My Virginity

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