Elena Cârstoiu 24

Broadcast date: April 2018

Elena was a guest on our live Bucharest show. In 2002, together with her partner Bogdan Cârstoiu, she founded 4PSA – a 100% Romanian software company that launched the first cloud PBX platform in the world in 2006. Even after 12 years, VoipNow is still the most technically advanced Unified Communications platform for service providers worldwide. 

In 2011, Elena co-founded Hubgets, a company that built an instant team communication and collaboration platform under the same name, designed to meet the needs of the digital workplace and increase business productivity for SMBs and enterprises.

Creating two companies from scratch and expanding their reach on 5 continents was no walk in the park. Neither was building two business communication platforms, changing business models and maintaining a competitive edge over the course of 16 years.